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TUNER: A Music App

 This was my final project for Ironhack's UX/UI academy. For this project, I chose to focus on making an app for music fans to connect with musicians. Tuner is a place where avid music fans can connect and interact with bands that they know, and discover new music in a different way than what is being currently offered online. 

Project: Tuner

Duration: 2 weeks

Device: IOS App

I realized that trying to gather data from both musicians and music fan would be difficulty in the two weeks a lotted for this project, so I decided to target just the fans to start---

How might we design an interactive mobile app to better connect music fans and musicians?

I decided to do my surveys before diving into competitive analysis as I was curious about where people were listening to music online, and wanted to find out before I studied the various music channels online



Spotify was the most popular with Youtube second, and Soundcloud in third. 


Now that I knew this, I looked into their pros and cons and market position, to see where the gaps in the marketplace are, and perhaps discover an opportunity.


Free, with upgrades for premium (unlimited streaming, no ads)


Large Database, data-driven recommendation




5$ a month for ad-free streaming (less than spotify, 9.99)
Easy to embed URLS via social media



Good relevant video Queues, moves you through relevant material well



Spotify Cons for Users

Limited control without paying for premium

Premium cost is higher than competitors

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that enables its users to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds.

Cons Users:

The cost for upgrade to premium

Search function is not as effective as Spotify

YoutubeCons: junky visuals, lots of noise going on, less interactive and less functionality

Poor to no compensation for independent artists (some viewers care about this)

Some users call youtube UX/UI “stressful” not as clean as Spotify


Unique feature to comment on songs at the second of when you want to make comment “timed comment” 

5$ a month for ad-free streaming (less than spotify, 9.99)



From here, I started grouping some of the insights I had gathered from my surveys and interviews. 50% of the girls I interviewed mentioned that they would love to hear the songs before they were made, and  83% mentioned discovering new music as a reason they prefer one musical platform from another. This was a helpful exercise to organize the data I collected, and see where the desires of my users were cluttered.




Based on my surveys and interviews, I synthesized a Persona to represent the sum of the need of my users. Meet Stylish Meg. Meg is 20, studying design at NYU, and loves the Strokes, David Bowie, Prince, and discovering new music. She attends live shows at least once a week, and writes about emerging bands in her blog with a focus on bands with female and transgender members. She’s tried to play music herself, but says she doesn’t have any musical talent.



Here are some ideas that I formed off of the data I gathered from my research-- as I considered what my users wanted from this app, I started to prioritize different features that could deliver their wants and needs.



STYLE/ Desirability testing

V3 prototype

Next steps/Takeaways